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English is becoming evermore important in the business world, especially with the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community. Our experienced and qualified team specialise in language training and development for groups and individual learners, focusing on practical skills for use in the business world that will help to strengthen your organization.


Whether it is for personal communication or through mass media, we offer a variety of communicative and writing courses to prepare yourself and your employees for meetings, presentations, or trips abroad.


We have vast experience in training employees for career advancement through examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC, as well as CU-TEP and TU-GET.


We can customize English courses for you, depending on your time availability and demands. If you would prefer the teacher to visit you at your workplace, please ask us about our tailor-made corporate courses.


We can also provide training in other languages, such as Thai, Mandarin Chinese, French and German, if required.


Specially for companies in Pak Chong, our Baanpasapat School welcomes you or your staffs to study and improve your English skills for all purposes. Our school is under supervision of Office of the Basic Education Commission, Nakhon Ratchasima Area 4, Ministry of Education. Please click here for our school map as PDF or see it in Google Maps.

With over 20 years of training experience in Thailand, we look forward to consulting with you to enhance your staff's English skills.


For a free consultation or more information, please contact us by filling in the below contact form or calling 086-468-5063 to talk to our staffs.

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