English Activity Camps

Our residential camps use professional topic based curriculums that include a number of levels depending on the age and ability of the learners. We use projects in the classroom to maintain the ongoing progression of the students. We integrate our class time with outdoor activities and trips that encourage teamwork and real English communication through interesting and fun activities.


We can arrange camps from one day up to one month either in your own location or in our residential facility. We can accommodate large amounts of students (up to 200) in our dormitories with facilities that include spacious classrooms, healthy open spaces and sporting facilities that include a swimming pool.

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Quality over quantity

Please feel free to contact us to discuss about teacher training for your school by fill your information, or what you are interested in, in the below contact form. We will contact you back as soon as possible.


You also can contact our staff by calling 08-6468-5063 and 09-1219-0042.

We believe that...


The ability to improve communication in English often occurs when the learner is fully immersed in the language.


This is why our English activity camps have proved so popular over the years.

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