English Programs in Schools

As educators and managers who have worked within a variety of educational environments and schools, we understand that it is not enough just to have a native speaking English teacher within your school.


We understand the need for professional training of teachers before placement within the school and also the ongoing supervision of the teacher within the classroom. We are aware of the cultural nuances of working within a Thai school system and some of the conflict that this may create.


That is why at TESOL Tree we provide you with not only a trained teacher but also the infrastructure to guarantee continuity through curriculum development and regular teacher observations. This ensures continued quality within your school program and effective learning for your English language learners.


The TESOL Tree team of Thai and foreign staffs bring together many years of experience working together with Thai schools. This enables us to be familiar with the needs of the school in terms of their curriculum and examination objectives.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss teacher placements, English curriculum development and program management within your school by fill your information, or what you are interested in, in the below contact form. We will contact you back as soon as possible.


You also can contact our staff by calling 08-6468-5063 and 09-1219-0042.

English Weekend Programs in Schools

Over the last 20 years our team have been involved in many weekend English language programs. These programs usually involve learners studying 3 hours of English each weekend over a period of many years. These curriculums are designed to get the most from the learner within their limited study time. The programs are most effective when they involve a high level of communication and activities that encourage interaction amongst the learners.


Over the years, our team members have designed and managed weekend programs within many language schools and International schools. Perhaps the most renowned program being the Chulalongkorn University, Continuing Education Centre, Go International with English Program. This program ran from 2001-2012 and at it’s peak had around 100 native English-speaking teachers and 3,200 students every weekend.


For more information, please contact K.Vee via nitisak@tesoltree.com or call 08-6468-5063.


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