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English is not a subject but skill, so it is better if your staffs can practice it as often as they can. That is why many companies have an English class at their place for staffs.


We can provide you an English course to improve your staffs's skills and help you reach your company goals in business world by our qualified teachers, effective teaching process, and proactive course outline.



  • Smart Conversation

  • Business Communication

  • Specific Professional English, such as English for Engineer, English for Accountant, English for Nurse and Health Care, English for Marketing, English for Customer Care etc.


Every course will be feedbacked to you by our course report that show participants attendance, test score, progress and comments from teachers for individual students.

For a free consultation or more information, please contact us by filling in the below contact form or calling 086-468-5063 to talk to our staffs.

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